Luxury large waist suit

Marriage is one of the most important events in a lifetime. It is therefore very important to be as chic and classy as possible. 

On the other hand, there are different types of weddings and it is very important to adapt your outfit to the theme of the wedding.

First of all, the country wedding, which is a wedding that is more and more appreciated by future brides and grooms. The bridegroom’s tailor-made suit must therefore be adapted to blend in as well as possible with the natural world or flowers, which gives the wedding a pleasant and natural look. 

On the other hand, some rules are indetronable, such as the three-piece suit, which is often still required, but the colours can change. have changed. The different and many kinds of blues such as blue/grey or sky blue are the most popular.

Accessories and details are essential elements of the wedding theme. The patterns with flowers type appear on the details (inside the pockets, buckle of tightening, buttons) or in a more visible way with the pockets, bow ties or the lining of the back of the vest…

The contrasting buttonholes, the choice of buttons and the collar complete the outfit and make it more original.

In a second time there is a costume when you celebrate a wedding in a more classic than country way.

A suit in harmony with the world of your wedding

If the future bride and groom do not recognize themselves in the rural world and do not wish to wear something too original and flowery, a classic wedding suit will be perfectly adapted.

In a two or three-piece suit according to the preferences and requirements of each person, whose colours will most often be dark, the ceremonial aspect will be found in the details (linings, buttons, buttonholes,…) and accessories such as bow ties, tie, pockets).

However, there is no such thing as a classic suit, which offers a wide range of possible variations that we would be delighted to present to you in the shop. A classic wedding suit has another advantage: you can wear it every day because it looks dressed but not too much.

Thirdly, if you are looking for a more classic wedding suit with traditional colours like navy blue, black, grey etc… we have what you need! 

It is true that the image of the bride’s dress, the ceremonial wedding costume is almost exclusively designed for the occasion but it is normal because it is necessary to make this event unforgettable and the costumes participate!

From the traditional three-piece wedding outfit to matching pants and tuxedos, the ceremonial universe answers many codes that are not to be joked with.

However, the evolution of fashion and trends allows, if the groom so wishes, to take some liberties, in particular by using different professions or certain colour gradients.

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